About Us

The Highland Homes Team

We’ve worked hard to find the most capable, hard-working and dedicated team … and we’re pretty sure we nailed it! Our goal is to have everyone in the right “seat,” meaning, they are basically built for the job they’re doing and they do it incredibly well! Building your home is an honor for us and we can’t wait to work with you!

Mike Dildine

Founder & CEO
Mike started it all way back in 2003 and is the driving force behind Highland Homes' mission to create an unforgettable experience for each and every homeowner!

Eric Atwood

Chief Operating Officer
With over a decade of new home construction experience, Eric is the driving force behind the well oiled operation machine of Highland Homes.

Kristin Pugh

Director of Sales
Kristin leads our experienced sales team and has the incredible ability to remember everything about everyone!

Jared Maybon

Director Of Operations
Jared is in the driver's seat when the rubber meets the road! Leading our team to turn dreams and plans into beautiful homes!

Nichelle Floth

New Home & Land Specialist
Nichelle takes customer service to the next level with the time she spends helping you find the perfect lot and perfect floor plan!

Angie Read

Angie can turn sketches and vision boards into a full set of construction drawings like nobody else!

Riann Leisle

Customer Care & Trade Relations
Riann is the #1 reason you will love the first year in your home! She is also the reason we work with only the best trade specialists!

Anna Froberg

Purchasing Controller
Things wouldn't run as smoothly as they do without Anna's ability to make and maintain relationships with suppliers and trade partners.

Curtis Crosgove

Director of Finance
Curtis is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to new home construction! He handles bidding and supplier relations to ensure we keep every project on time and on budget!

John Viehweg

Project Manager
John knows residential construction inside and out and is on site to make sure the construction is of the highest quality and done on time!

Jeff Holderness

Project Manager
Jeff is an Idaho native that knows what it takes to get things done! He'll be on site to make sure your home is built exactly the way you want it!

Tucker Wilkins

Construction Manager
Tucker leads our team of experienced project managers! Tucker knows what quality looks like and makes sure our trade partners are giving us their very best work!

Braden Brown

Project Manager
Braden is committed to keeping each job on schedule and being on site to make sure each home is built to our high standards!

Nick Drzayich

Director of Marketing
Nick works to fill our calendar with excited, future homeowners. Through various marketing channels he helps educate and engage visitors to our website!

Natalie Hanks

Online Sales Specialist
Natalie is the first point of contact for almost all of our clients. Her ability to get you the information you need in a fast way is second to none!

Amanda Sayers

Pre-construction Project Manager
Before we start construction on your dream home, Amanda makes sure your floor plans, color choices, lighting selections, etc. are exactly the way you want them!

Becca Labrador

Pre-construction Manager
Becca is a key piece to our pre-construction team! She'll make sure your ideas and vision get passed along perfectly to our construction team!