Our Process

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The Perfect Plan

• OUR TOP TWO – Take a look at our absolute top two best selling plans. We sell these plans over and over and receive tremendous feedback. This plan comes free of charge to you as the buyer! We have worked through all of the quirks and have this plan dialed in to perfection. No surprises on schedule/budget/selections/etc.

• ALMOST PERFECT – Do you like one of our top two plans, but it’s just not quite right yet? Not to worry! Let’s pull out the red pen and work on it together. Need a bigger master? Maybe an extended pantry? Like a Jack and Jill bath? We can do it all! We will tweak and re-tweak those plans until it meets all of your needs

• FLOORPLAN ARCHIVES – As a scattered lot custom homebuilder we have built homes big and small around the Treasure Valley. Take a look at our floorplan archives. These homes range in size from 1300sf to 8000sf and everything in between. Maybe your perfect plan, or a version of it, is ready to go.

• START FROM SCRATCH – Highland Homes is a true “custom” homebuilder. We have one of the most experienced plan designers in the Treasure Valley as a part of our team to help you design your plan. You will LOVE the opportunity we provide of working with a professional interior designer that can guide you through design and selections and help you land on the “perfect” look you’ve always wanted in a new home!

The Perfect Lot

• BUILD ON YOUR LOT – Do you already own your building lot? Let’s go visit your site together. We will discuss the lot dimensions, project orientation, lot terrain, views, easements, etc. Let’s make sure we think through all of our options on your lot to maximize all of it’s characteristics.

• STILL ON THE HUNT – If you don’t yet own your own building lot, we are here to walk you through this fun and exciting process! We have connections in every corner of the Treasure Valley to help you find the right lot for you.

• CHECK OUT OUR LOTS – Highland Homes loves the land game! We are constantly on the hunt for the perfect lot. Tucked in close to the river. Perfect rim views. East facing backyard in a great family subdivision. Cul-de-sac lots perfect for little kids. Ask us about our current lot inventory. We might already have the perfect lot for you

Initial Consultation

• Let’s Meet – Let’s start by getting to know each other. The custom building process requires a teamwork approach between the Contractor, the Homeowner and our Professional Design Team. We want you to feel comfortable with us and we would love to feel comfortable working with you. To ensure a successful custom build project, it is crucial that we can have an open and effective line of communication.

• Idea Outline – You have been dreaming up all of the details of your new home. It is our job to listen to those ideas and help transform those ideas into the perfect building site and floorplan. Bring us your design notebooks and scratch paper sketches and let’s get to work!

• Initial Questions – Let us take all the time you need to answer all of the questions you may have about building a new home. It is a fun and exciting experience! You will probably have a lot of questions up front about how this process might work for you. We are here to help and educate you in anyway we can!


• Truly custom – Many builders claim to be “custom builders”, but are they really? We design your individual project based on your homesite, your ideas and your budget. You bring us ALL of your clippings, ideas and brainstorms. We will bend over backwards to incorporate each and every important part of your custom ideas.

• Imagination – Hidden slides, fireman poles, secret lofts, disco balls. These are just a few of the fun and crazy requests that we love to accommodate for our buyers. This design process is a time to let your imagination go. If it can be done, we will do it!

• Preliminary Plan – Our very experienced designer will prepare a preliminary floorplan design incorporating all of the important design features that have been discussed. This preliminary plan will show overall square footage, room sizes, exterior elevations and site layouts.

• Redlines – We won’t claim to get it perfect on our very first shot. This is the fun part where you get to take a red marker to the preliminary plan and make any and every change imaginable. We are happy to go back and forth as many times as needed to make your plan perfect!

• Final plans and specs – Once the plan is perfect, our plan designer will complete the foundation, framing, roof and structural plans. We will also sit down together with our very popular and professional interior designer to discuss your ideas on flooring, counters, cabinets, colors, etc.

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::::::::::::::::::::: Build it :::::::::::::::::::::


• Square foot price – The first question that people always love to ask? What is the cost per square foot to build? This is much like calling your favorite steak house and asking the question, “How much is it for a piece of meat?” The answer is, it depends! It depends on the overall size of the home. It depends on the types of finishes. It depends on the subdivision building requirements. It depends on the available city services. It depends on a lot! After discussions regarding your specific lot, floorplan and desired finishes, we can prepare a very detailed cost estimate that is guaranteed to be a competitive and fair price.

• Preliminary budget – We like to know right up front what your target budget is for your new home so we don’t over design. Our effort is to educate our Owners on today’s construction costs and help place the focus on those items that are truly the most important features of their home. We can almost always design our plans in a manner to help stay within your overall budget requirements.

• Project pricing worksheet – With the completed set of structural plans and a detailed list of your desired specifications, we ask for about 7 days to get hard bids from all of our subs and suppliers. These numbers are combined into a project pricing worksheet.

• Fine tune pricing – Our project pricing worksheet acts as our final tool to land on our contract price. Here we look at all of the available options, upgrades and allowances to dial things in.


• Fixed price contract – This means exactly what it implies. The price you see is the price you get. Locked in right up front to avoid all surprises. Increased material costs? Not your problem! Initial material estimates too low? Again, not your problem! Your initial base contract price is guaranteed to remain the same, no matter what!

• Allowances – When it comes to shopping for the fun stuff like flooring, counters, fixtures and appliances the options are endless! For this reason, you are given a generous spending allowance on these items. Spend less than the given allowance and the extra money can roll into another allowance item or come right back into your own pocket!

• Change orders – The fact that we are a truly custom builder leaves the door open for you to change and tweak things along the way. You may decide to add a hot tub! Or maybe a great surround sound feature in the theater room! A second dishwasher in the kitchen? You send us your requests throughout the build process and we will price these options out for you. If you decide to move forward with it, there is a quick and easy electronic copy of a contract change order uploaded to your own personal website. Simply login and click on the approval button for your change order and your new ideas are as good as done!

• Real time pricing – With the convenience of our online building system, we are able to keep track of all of your requested changes in real time! Your requested changes and upgrades throughout construction will never get away from you. Login at any time to get the most recent totals of your requested change orders and see how they are reflected in your overall final contract price. No need to cross your fingers at the end of construction and hope for the best!

Construction Financing

• Who’s paying for it? – Highland Homes offers years of experience working with countless banks and lenders regarding construction financing. With a quick discussion regarding your financial goals on your new home, we can provide direction for the perfect financing scenario.

• Owner financing – This option will allow you to carry the construction loan in your name throughout the build process. Don’t worry! We still handle most of the work when it comes to draws, appraisals and bank inspections. This option just allows you to lock in a rate right up front and could potentially save you some in overall closing costs.

• Builder financing – Don’t want to worry about the construction loan? We’ve got you covered! We offer construction financing on your home. You simply provide the required down payment and we will take it from there. Once we have completed construction you simply purchase the custom home using your own permanent financing. Use your own lender or ask to speak to one of our lenders experienced in new construction financing.

Our Construction Process

• Communication!!! – Our #1 priority throughout the build process is communication! We have found over the years that an informed homeowner usually makes for a happy homeowner! The build process is filled with schedules, budgets, selections and more. Remember, this build process can and should be FUN and EXCITING! Our online building program is designed to keep our buyers informed as to every selection, budget and scheduling item throughout construction. Check out our online program. No surprises means you can enjoy the exciting build process without the stresses of unfamiliarity and uncertainty.

• Pre-construction meeting – Before we ever break ground we sit down and answer any questions you may have about the upcoming project. We will go over construction schedules, important dates and selection procedures. Most importantly, we will introduce you to your own custom website that will be your best and most useful tool over the coming months of the build project. You will LOVE it!!

• Selections – Take advantage of the opportunity to work with one of the finest interior design teams in the Treasure Valley! They will walk you through the entire selection process and help make sure that all of your colors and selections blend into the perfect look!

• Onsite visits – As construction progresses, we will schedule onsite meetings to discuss the specifics of outlet and switch locations, cabinet layouts, finish carpentry selections, paint colors, etc.

• Final orientation and walkthrough – Prior to closing we will schedule a final walkthrough. Your home will have already been through multiple, rigorous final inspections in preparation for closing. We take this opportunity to provide orientation and training with respect to your beautiful new home. We want the home to be the beautiful, perfect home that you always dreamed of!

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Peace of Mind

• Everything Works – It is all brand new! No old, leaky roofs to worry about. Appliances are clean and ready to be put to work. Furnaces, water heaters, dishwashers? All brand new! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from your new, beautiful home!

• Warranty – All of our homes come with a very detailed one-year builder warranty! Enjoy the added peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is backed by this great warranty.

• Reputable builder – We stand behind our work and we are here to stay! We want nothing more than to earn your long lasting trust in our company. We want you to be able to recommend Highland Homes with no reservations at all. As questions or concerns arise in the future, even outside of the one-year warranty, we are here to serve you!

Brand New and Totally You

• Shiny and new – One of the best and most exciting parts of building your new home is turning the key and walking through your new front door for the first time! The perfect culmination of the entire build process. Your own BRAND NEW home! Everything clean. Everything new. Everything just the way you wanted it!

• Just the way you want it – Carpet, paint colors, light fixtures, door styles, countertops, appliances! After working hand in hand with our amazing design team, you will LOVE the opportunity to live in a home where you got to hand pick each and every last feature inside. The home is custom designed from the ground up to be perfect for just YOU!

• Love your home – The home is the hub of it all! New babies. First dates. Holidays and parties. Guests and entertaining. Hot chocolate next to a warm fireplace. A place for families to love life together! Our company is built from the ground up to help you design and build the home you always wanted! LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!!

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