Realtor Partner Program

…created to protect commissions, serve clients in the best way possible, and close sales.

Guaranteed Commissions with 1/2 Paid Up Front
NO Exclusionary Stipulations
We Perform Client Presentations
You Represent Your Client’s Best Interests

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To qualify for this program, just allow us to do the client presentations.

We’ve found that the most effective practice is to allow us to perform the client presentations. We have done this hundreds of times and have the specialized expertise to give an informative presentation and close the sale.

    • Your role is to lend professional support by asking questions that lead us to elaborate on points and allow your customer to learn more.
    • We will orient the buyer with us as the builder, explain what makes Highland Homes their best choice, discuss our build process, and help buyers determine the floor plan and features that work best for them.
    • A good relationship with you means we earn your stamp of approval and makes finding the perfect situation for your client and closing the deal more likely.

How do we pay 1/2 of your commission up front? The conditions are simple: 1/2 commission paid at excavation with 10% Earnest Money OR closed Buyer Construction Loan. Balance of commission paid upon closing. (Applies to pre-sold new construction.)

When we say No Exclusionary Stipulations, we mean it. We protect you when you bring a client to us with absolutely NO LOOPHOLES. If you bring a client to us, regardless of whether we’ve spoken to them before or they’ve visited our website, etc., they are YOUR client and you have earned your commission.

We want to earn your trust and confidence by building beautiful premium-quality homes for your clients. Let’s work together to serve your clients even better!

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Kristin Pugh and Nichelle Floth - Highland HomesKristin Pugh
Director of Sales | Licensed RE Professional

Nichelle Floth
Land Specialist | Licensed RE Professional