Top 3


Why Buyers LOVE Their
Highland Experience

#3. A Personal Touch

At Highland Homes you receive direct and personal attention from our experienced team at every step of the way.

With Highland Homes you will receive the personal attention that you deserve for one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Your home will never get lost in the shuffle of an oversized and undermanned company. We have a fantastic team of professionals that will hold your hand through sales, pre-construction and build process. You always have access and will love the personal attention you receive while working with Highland Homes.

  • The team at Highland Homes was amazing! The experience was great, they stayed in contact with us the entire time. If we had questions they responded right away! ~ Lori

#2. No Surprises

Enjoy all of the exciting and fun parts of building a new custom home, without the unwanted surprises.

Most people love surprises. However, when it comes to building a new home, surprises are the last thing you want or need. With all too many builders, the list of unwanted surprises as they relate to construction schedules and final contract price is far too long. Our buyers deserve to know what they are going to get, when they are going to get it and for what price. Throughout the build process our homeowners are given complete and transparent access to our construction schedules and all budget updates as homeowner selections and change orders are made. Our homeowners love the fact that we’ve removed all of the guesswork to building and that they are left without any unwanted surprises.

  • It was so nice to always be in the know with everything that was going on with our new home. We were never left in the dark! ~ Todd

#1. Communication

Or (Online Building Program)

Professional Builder Magazine reports that the #1 complaint nationwide that homeowners have with their build experience is communication. Not understanding what is happening and when it is going to happen can quickly suck all of the fun out of building. For this reason we have incorporated a state of the art Online Building Program for each of our individual homeowners. A personalized website designed specifically for the management of your home. We make communication our #1 priority. This Online Building Program will have you jumping for joy. Complete transparency to our buyers is available at the click of a mouse. It is updated daily with our schedules, selection dates, pricing, materials selections, etc. Our homeowners absolutely love the transparency and quick access to important information, schedules and deadlines made available to them through this program. Get more information about our Online Building Program here.

  • The Online Building Program was AMAZING! This is the #1 reason we will definitely use Highland Homes if we ever build again! I loved the quick access to all of the important information about our home! Everything went smoother than we could have ever expected! ~ Brandon